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The Power Of Photography: Why Family Photos Are So Important

“Every time I look at this photo, I remember how amazing my grandmother was.”

“I’m so happy I have these photos. They’re a reminder of the good old days.”

“I can’t believe how tiny you were. You’ve grown up so much!”

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, live far away from family, or like to reminisce, you’ve probably had thoughts like these when looking at family photos. I know I have and many close to me have, especially over the past year as we have experienced the painful loss of many loved ones. Photography is such a powerful tool. It gives us the opportunity to capture moments forever. Even if you’re not thrilled with the idea of getting in front of a camera with your loved ones, realize that there are so many great reasons to do it anyway! 

Years from now, your children will appreciate it. Have you ever found a photo from your childhood that brought forgotten memories flooding back? As adults, we tend to forget many things that happened to us as kids. Photos can remind us. And most importantly, they can remind us of how much we’re loved. As a family photographer, some of my favorite sessions are spent photographing families vacationing on the beaches of the Crystal Coast. Behind the lens, I can clearly see the love that these parents have for their children. It makes me happy to know that years from now, these children will see the photos and realize how much mom and dad love them.

Years from now, you’ll appreciate it! Every family is unique, and so are the moments you share together. Capturing as many as you can is really important. As we grow older, life can throw some big challenges at us. Maybe a parent becomes ill, or a child is having a difficult time as a teenager. During these tough times, looking back at moments of joy in family photos can make you smile and laugh, while renewing your hope for happier times to come. You’ll be amazed to see how quickly family changes and grows. Whether you just got engaged or you’re a new parent, taking family portraits is an incredible way to document change and growth in your family. If you’re thinking of taking annual family portraits, you’ll be surprised to see how much development your family can experience within a span of a year! Just don’t forget to mix in some candid photos with your posed portraits. Candid photos will capture you interacting with your family members, having fun, and doing what you love to do together. Those are precious moments. Photos enable your children to understand the family they’re part of. Photo albums are nice, but I think it’s great when parents proudly display their family photos around the house. Seeing these photographs every day can really give children a sense of who they are, and let them know that they’re beautiful, valued and loved.

It’s important to keep family close. If you have children, chances are they will eventually go off to college and get married. Photos are precious keepsakes and reminders of the memories that you share – even when you’re separated by distance. Interested in booking a family photo session? As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If you’re interested in taking family photos, contact me today and we’ll begin the journey of creating memories! 

I'm so thankful for all of the families that I get to meet year after year.



If you are in the Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, NC area and would like to schedule a photography session at the beach or a surrounding area such as Morehead City

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Every family is unique and every family

has a story worth telling.

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