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Already Booked Your Summer 2018 Vacation? Remember To Book A Family Beach Photo Session Too!

The snow is falling and the skies are grey, but the bitter cold weather isn't bring you down. Why? Because you just booked your family’s summer vacation to North Carolina’s Crystal Coast! First of all, I’m really excited for you. There’s 85 miles of breathtaking beaches waiting for you and your family to explore. You’re going to love it. Now I realize that the holidays have just ended, but it’s never too early to start planning when it comes to summertime trips like this. Of course, there’s so much to think about over these next few months – like where you’ll want to eat and the sightseeing trips you’ll want to take. But while you’re mentally packing your bags right now, don’t forget one of the most important things: booking a family beach photo session!

family at the Coral Bay Club beach in Atlantic Beach

Why family photos on the beach are a “must” for vacationers: Many people tend to think that photo sessions are something you do when there’s a big occasion to celebrate, like an engagement, wedding, or birth. While those are popular reasons to get in front of the camera, there are many other occasions in life that are just as important to celebrate. A family summer vacation is one of them! While your kids are taking a break from school, and you’re getting some much-needed time off from work, it’s really the perfect time to have photos taken. Beach photo sessions are casual and relaxed, so you can dress in comfortable clothing and just enjoy being with each other. Kids grow up so quickly, and being able to capture them in a gorgeous, natural environment is something that’s really unique and special. From a photographer’s perspective, these sessions on the beach are among my favorite. I’m able to capture candid family moments in beautiful surroundings. The beach itself is such a happy place. As I watch families digging their feet into the sand while they laugh and splash around at the shoreline, I get to witness the joy they have at being able to spend this time together. As a family, these are the types of moments you’ll want to capture on film. While the trip will eventually end, the memories won’t.

family photo in Emerald Isle, NC

The Crystal Coast is the perfect spot to take family pictures The great thing about booking a trip to the Crystal Coast is that you’ll end up with some pretty incredible photos. The beaches provide a stunning backdrop, so we can capture you looking out at the waves, playing on the shore together or even enjoying the perfect sunset. You may love it so much, that you make it a tradition to take family photos here year after year.

family photo of two brothers at Atlantic Beach

Ready to book your family photo session? My advice: Don’t wait too long! You’d be surprised how quickly these get booked up - even in the winter. If you’ll be spending some time at the beach with your loved ones this year, contact me. I can’t wait to help you make wonderful memories this summer!

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